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 Our Mission Statement

Omni-U is a non-profit organization that from its inception in February, 1988, has been dedicated to the mission of highlighting the cultural, spiritual, intellectual, and artistic contributions as well as the historical, and present day triumphs and challenges of black people throughout the diaspora.

We have always sought to hold up a mirror to our community not only so we can see the beautiful reflection of our best selves, but also to share that beauty with the society at large so that the world may benefit from our unique perspectives.

Omni-U has provided access through our created media to educational content and vital information from our greatest intellectuals and creative resources many of whom would not come to our attention any other way.

Our media outlets have previously included, The Omni-U Radio show as well as a newspaper, MoBetter News. For the past 25 years, we have hosted and produced Omni-U presents The H3O/ Art of Life television show which is broadcast weekly to over 1 million Chicagoland homes. In newly expanding our reach into the virtual realm, we hope to vastly increase exposure to our great cultural and intellectual contributors. 

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