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One in a Million Dad

By Megan, Nia, and Kendall Jiles

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University 

Our father, Lovise Jiles, is definitely one-of-a-kind. Since we were little, our dad has demonstrated nothing short of hard work, persistence, discipline, and dedication. The work ethic that  he shares with our amazing Mom, Cheryl, has truly inspired all of us to work hard and strive to be the best that we can be.

Our dad  protects us and makes sure we always have everything we need, but even greater, everything we could have ever wanted. We never went without  anything. Our Father and  Mother have always provided us with the best of the best. We can call on them for anything. 

Our Dad demonstrates a great example of what it means to take care of and provide for a family. He has also provided us with a great example of love and the proper ways to treat and be treated in relationships. He’s exposed us to so many different experiences and opportunities that we will always cherish.

He’s given us a great deal of knowledge on entrepreneurship and hard work, as well as on building the proper networks for different career opportunities. No matter where we are, he has always made sure everyone is taken care of- from family vacations to just chilling in the backyard on a hot summer day with our dad on the grill. His sense of humor is hilarious and always makes us laugh.


Our Dad has always been there for us and, in addition,he has helped many other people in so many ways.  Working both as an individual - and with his Fraternity brothers  as a member of  The Alpha Phi Alpha- Theta Mu Lambda Chapter Inc.- he  continues to demonstrate what it means to be a father figure, role model, and leader.

Among the charitable causes to which he and his Fraternity have contributed  are Holiday give-aways to families in need, bike and toy drives, and so much more. He has always worked to make certain that everyone around him has the tools they need to succeed, from mentoring young people to participating in Career Days at schools. He shares his knowledge  feely with those who need his services.

We are  so grateful to have you for our Dad. He's  One- in- a Million. We all love you so much, Dad! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

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