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Parallel Pandemics: The Role of Media

By Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Presented By Omni-University

Today's  H3O Art of Life Blog will provide food for thought for the weekend and beyond. We invite you to tune in to WSYPLP, Dr. Pat’s Radio Show (online), "Media Misinformation  and Disinformation Campaigns, Part 2" and to watch "Unreality history", an H3O/Art of Life television show episode both of which feature Professor Hunter Havlin Adams III.

"We are living/surviving through FOUR (4) pandemics: Coronavirus; Economic;

 anti-Black racism. The first three are connected by the Information [laundering] pandemic."

Hunter Havlin Adams III, "discusses both deep disinformation and information laundering. You will learn how to recognize the three flavors of disinformation, discern computerized (automated) propaganda, and more. [Prof. Adams] offers tips on how to fight back and not be punked, played or pimped."

His presentation is being Podcast three times daily, through September 14th, at 9AM, 3PM, and 9PM CENTRAL time. Because there is so much vital information, I listened twice to Dr. Pat’s "Mindful Moments" Podcast.

The research conducted by Professor Adams' is impeccable. He meticulously provides references and definitions  of concepts, some of which he, himself, has coined, for example- "humanicide". He has reiified others and/or applied them in more illuminating ways. In addition, his presentation is replete with examples that serve to clarify both familiar and newly introduced content. The host, Dr. Patricia Newton, is a knowledgeable and skillful interviewer who asks all the right questions. (I took 3 pages of notes).

In order to get the most from this (and other) presentations on Dr. Pat’s Podcast, I suggest that you prepare yourself with notebook and pen. 

Click the link below to listen to Dr. Pat's Podcast:

Watch "Unreality History" an episode of the "H3O/Art Of Life television show.


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