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From a reader:

"Love Bennett Johnson but he was wrong by disparaging Gus Savage for the role Gus played in serving as Harold Washington's Campaign Manager during Harold's first run for Chicago's mayor. It's unfortunate that most do not even know Harold ran for mayor prior to his successful run. Too many do not know the pivotal role Gus Savage played throughout his adult life in establishing the once independent and progressive political movement in Chicago. No good purpose was served by Bennett's remarks pertaining to Gus Savage. I still love Bennett for his life- long dedication but am disappointed in his, hopefully unintentional, characterization of "Gus", as Gus was so fond of being called. Thank God for our warrior Sister, Brennetta Howell-Barrett for her consistency and allegiance to working for justice, equality and empowerment. While I know first hand that Gus Savage did not fight the good fight only to be remembered in history, he certainly should not be remembered in any way less than what he contributed not only in Chicago, but nationally and internationally. It's morally and historically shaming, to say the least, that not even a street sign was named after Gus Savage in recognition of his contributions as a journalist and political force. IT'S WAY PAST DUE THAT "KICKAPOO" WOODS IN RIVERDALE, IL. BE RENAMED GUS SAVAGE WOODS IN RECOGNITION OF THE PLACE GUS CHOSE TO SHARE THE LIGHTER SIDE OF HIMSELF WITH HIS CONSTITUENCY AT HIS ANNUAL PICNICS WHILE SERVING AS CONGRESSMAN OF THE 2ND  CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT! Afterall, as we all should remember, Gus Savage was the FIRST BLACK to represent the 2nd Congressional District. Gus' run at that time against a white, machine backed incumbent named Murphy was consistent with Gus' far reaching philosophy and dedicated work for Black empowerment...He was a warrior who should always be spoken of respectfully, justly and honored for what he contributed to advance our continued efforts to achieve human rights, civil rights, peace, justice and empowerment of those who continue to be unjustly, unfairly and systemically marginalized, disenfranchised.

Recommended Viewing:

Part 2 of "The Chicago Struggle for Black Political Empowerment", featuring, Ancestor Atty. Lawrence E.Kennon; Brenetta Howell Barrett; Professor Robert T. Starks; and Bennett J. Johnson

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