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AfterWords/ Being Woke: Becoming a Living Sun

By Heru Kheper Ra Bullard

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University

The pathway to “Ngunza Nganga” and becoming an enlightened Ancestor means that we must live a life of purpose and exercise a commitment to staying true in fulfilling that purpose. We must aspire to become the "sacred stool," symbolic of goodness, humility, vigilance, integrity, wisdom, and peace. To become an enlightened Ancestor, we must become an example of the best, in and of us, in Black excellence. We must remember the names of those who, though not always spoken of, will never be forgotten in the libations of our minds- those whose works are archived for eternity.

So, just as the sun remains true to its living-dying-living cycle, so, too, must we. The rhythm of life, consistent with Afrikan Centered teaching/knowing systems, is found throughout continental Africa and across the African Diaspora, whether it is referred to as the “Whm msu,“ i.e. repetition of births, from our K[e]m[e]tic ancestors; or, the “Nani nyama nommo,” i.e, ascendent/descendant life force, by our Dogon ancestors of Mali; or, “Nsaka sumsun,” i.e., toucher/transferer of spirit, by our Akan people of Ghana.

We have been given the responsibility of knowing that we are our“Ancestors “ reborn and reformed within the circle of life- that we are our Ancestors and our Ancestors are us. As we live, our lives should always have meaning, purpose, direction, and destiny. When we embrace this understanding, we are the continuation of the Light. This gives meaning to our time and space as the ones called forth to continue doing the cultural work waiting to be completed. If we reject our calling and deviate from our course, we risk turning our backs to the fidelity required in keeping the circle unbroken. Accordingly, the “Ngunza Nganga” declares any cultural regressions as being “blind.” The dangers in this cultural blindness, as ascribed by the “Ngunza Nganga,” is being “Stunted Ancestors,” or those who fell asleep to their moment, suffered blindness, and missed fulfilling their life’s purpose.

It is only in the darkest of the night that the sun and light begin to return. Therefore, just as the Sun continues to shine its light on the entire world, so, too, must we know that we have light and that we can shine our light on those in darkness. May we continue the circle, expand the legacy, and carry the light to those who may be in need of illumination. We are alive, we are woke!

Ase! Ase! Ase!

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Heru Kheper Ra Bullard

Being Woke: Becoming a Living Sun (Previously posted 3/7/23)

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