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Ancestor Dr. Lewis C. Baskins: Examining Spiritual Wisdom

By Afia Amponsah

Dr. Gloria J. Latimore-Peace Presented by Omni Virtual University

"Ye shall know them by their fruits…" Matthew 7:16 It is an honor and a privilege to introduce to some and present to others, Dr. Lewis C. Baskins, the Founder of The Institute for Attitude Modification, who joined the Ancestors on November 13, 2021, at the age of 89. At the time of his transition, he was a retired dentist yet, he never retired from his pursuit of spiritual development for himself as well as for others. On Sundays, he could be found at his sessions on "Attitude Modification" in one of the meeting/dining rooms at Soul Vegetarian Restaurant [1]. At other times, he held meetings in the office building owned by Real Estate Entrepreneur and Author, (Ancestor) Dempsey J. Travis [2]. Impromptu sessions were also held between Dr. Baskins and his like-minded dental clients- such as my husband (Ancestor) Dr. James Peace Jr. and yours truly. Although Dr. Baskins was, himself, a leader, he was also a follower of and advocate for S.B. Fuller, Founder of Fuller Products, [3] who was arguably the foremost Black entrepreneur in the country during his time. Dr. Baskins shared the self-reliance/ do-for-self philosophy of S.B. Fuller, the forerunners of which were set forth by The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, Tanzanian President Julius Nyere, et al. Throughout his life he remained a man of conviction and commitment. Thus, including Dr. Baskins was a certainty when guests, Wayne Sebamurti Gentry and Betty Wilson, Dr. Baskins' long-time mate, were invited to join me on The H3O Art of Life Show to examine spiritual wisdom. The combination of viewing "Spiritual Wisdom: An Examination," reading Dr. Baskins' book, Uncover the Missing Peace, and watching the clip below on Ancestor Samuel B. Fuller will uncover more about the life of Ancestor Dr. Lewis C. Baskins and the "truth which is so often obscured and omitted"[4] than any biography ever could.

Hotep, Shalom, As Salaamu Alaikum

Recommended Viewing: Spiritual Wisdom: An Examination, Featuring: Ancestor Dr. Lewis C. Baskins, Betty Wilson, and Wayne Sebamurti Gentry - The H3O Art of Life Show Recommended Article: Recommended Readings: Uncover the Missing Peace - [Ancestor] Dr. Lewis C.Baskins "The Connection Between Spirituality, Consciousness, and Mythology" -Wayne Sebamurti Gentry The Nature of Intelligence: A Look Beyond Mere Thinking - Wayne Sebamurti Gentry The Mastery of Life: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom - Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. "Understanding the Importance of Spirituality, Self-Identity, and Resilience in Youth Development" (An H3O Art of Life Blog) Recommended Listening Donald Lawrence & Co. - Spiritual Blog notes [1] Soul Vegetarian Restaurant now Soul Veg City (Chicago, Illinois) [2] Ancestor Dempsey J. Travis, Prolific author as well as President Sivart Mortgage Company and Founder of Travis Realty Corporation [3] Ancestor Samuel B. Fuller, Entrepreneur: owner of Fuller Products (Black), Chicago's Regal Theater, and the South Center Department Store. He was also the Publisher of The Pittsburgh Courier and the New York Age. In addition, he was a Motivational Speaker, head of the South Side NAACP, and President of the National Negro Business League, etc. [4] Ancestor Dr. Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs, "What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?…" in Life With Margaret: The Official Autobiography By Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs

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