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Ancestral Collage: Oscar Brown, Jr

By Dr. Gloria J. Latimore-Peace Presented by Omni Virtual University

"Music has always come to me as a gift... All I had to do was to pay attention."

Oscar Brown, Jr.

The legacy of Oscar Brown, Jr., a Dear Friend and Brother-Libran who was born October 10, 1926, is so monumental that an entire library complex would be insufficient to contain it. It is impossible to conceive of him as no longer with us because his presence- and variations thereof- continues to be experienced. Oscar Brown, Jr. is an Icon, i.e., an extraordinary being whose creativity transcends time, space, and category. He is a multi-dimensional Artist. Among the gifts for which he is recognized and revered are the following:

  • Griot

  • Maestro

  • Composer

  • Arranger

  • Poet

  • Writer

  • Singer/ Songwriter

  • Playwright

  • Performance Artist

  • Entertainer

  • Philosopher

  • Musicologist

Oscar Brown, Jr. is a many-faceted Ancestor/Artist and Activist who followed in the footsteps of his father, Oscar Brown, Sr.- "a race man"-, and sought to "make things better for people". The Spirit of this legacy lives on through those of us who endeavor to follow the examples left by our Forebears. Omni-U Virtual University supports our readers/scholars in their efforts to learn more about our Ancestor/ Icons by providing some of the research tools needed to engage in Iconology, i.e., the study of Icons.

Below you will find: Recommended Readings, Recommended Listening, and Recommended Viewing. We urge you to take the time to explore and acquaint yourselves with these references.

Recommended Readings:

What It Is: Poems and Opinions of Oscar Brown, Jr." by Oscar Brown, Jr.

Recommended Listening:

'A Tree and Me" Ancestor Oscar Brown, Jr.

"Between Heaven and Hell" (Album) Oscar Brown, Jr.

"Open Our Eyes" by The Gospel Clefs

Recommended Viewing

"Legends in inner- Attainment," Featuring  Ancestor Oscar Brown, Jr. and Ancestor Kelan Phil Cohran 

"Music Is My Life, Politics, My Mistress: The Story of Oscar Brown, Jr." (Film)

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