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Community Intelligence: It's Armour Time

By Wayne Sebamurti Gentry

Presented by Omni-University

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Most of us have learned the scientific Law[1] that "energy is neither created, nor destroyed. The total amount of mass in the universe is constant; it simply changes forms. Similarly, in the context of Spirituality, it is understood that "Life" is never created, nor is Life ever destroyed; Life simply takes on different forms. This means that "birth" and "death" are terms which do not apply to Life, but rather to the forms through which Life expresses itself. Life is eternal; therefore, Life is permanent. The "forms", through which Life "lives", are not eternal; thus, they are impermanent. Whole "life forms" come into existence and go out of existence in cycles of birth and death. For example, the generation of "life forms" now existing will cease to exist 200 years from now and new life forms will be in existence. The entire process of "taking on form" through an act of birth and "throwing off form", through an act of death, is also known as the "world" process. The acts of coming into the world and going out of the world relate to the "forms" of Life- not to Life itself which has no "coming in" or "going out".  Life is eternally present.  Only Life, itself, is totally fulfilling as the basis of one's identity. However, the "forms of life" are unfulfilling because they are impermanent.  

Whenever we seek to fulfill our lives on the basis of something that is impermanent -which also means that it will change- we experience dissatisfaction, sorrow and/or suffering. Seeking to anesthetize ourselves in order to mitigate the experience of pain and suffering through artificial means, i.e., drugs/alcohol, sex, etc. which only exacerbates our suffering. The spiritual, physical, and psychological means for alleviating suffering would be through natural medicine and meditation, respectively. 

Intelligence is that which sees the impermanent nature of the world process and, in effect, brings one's actions in alignment with the proper response to impermanence. Hence, a person whose intelligence is awake -which is, by definition not asleep- is capable of acting on the precepts of the "Serenity Prayer"[2] and, thus, "accept the things which cannot be changed, i.e., those  which are permanent; change the things that can be changed - those that are impermanent. Such persons possess the wisdom to know the difference and the grace and intelligence to make a way out of no way"."Living one day at a time, Enjoying  one moment at a time Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace.[3] 

You are invited to view "Community Preparedness: It's Armor Time", an H3O Art of Life Show featuring: Wayne Sebamurti Gentry. Also available, "Intelligence and Impermanence", an H30 ART of Life Show, featuring Wayne Sebamurti Gentry. 

Blognotes [1] The Law of Conservation of Mass discovered in 1785 by Antoine Lavoisier. [2] "The Serenity Prayer " by American Theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr [3] Op cit, Niebuhr

Recommended Reading "Wayne Sebamurti  Gentry, " The Nature of Intelligence: A Look Beyond  Mere Thinking " "Everything Must Change" by Oleta Adams 

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