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"From Men to Boys to Men" 

By Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Presented by Omni-University

"Paul Robeson" By Ancestor Gwendolyn Brooks

That time we all heard it, cool and clear, cutting across the hot grit of the day. The major Voice. The adult Voice forgoing Rolling River,  forgoing tearful tale of bale and barge and other symptoms  of an old despond. Warning, in music words, devout and large, that we are each other's harvest: we are each other's  business:  we are each other's magnitude and bond.

Today's  H3O Art of Life Blog, "Brothers  at Work: Alpha Phi Alpha", is a follow-up to the message to our sons in the village written by Rev. Dr. D. Darrell Griffin[1]. In "A Letter to Our Beloved Sons", Rev. Dr. Griffin not only stressed the essential nature of the responsibilities that are part and parcel of fatherhood, he also emphasized the necessity that our sons, the beneficiaries of our support, our care, and our guidance, follow in the footsteps of our Ancestors by giving back to their  community(ities). Since 1906,The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, of which Ancestor Paul Robeson was a member, exemplifies these values in word and in deed. 

We invite you to view "Brothers at Work: Alpha Phi Alpha"an episode of "Omni-U Presents: The H3O/Art of Life" television show. As members, Pres. Lovise Jiles, former Pres. Michael Williams, and former Vice-Pres. Wardell Glass speak for themselves and the more than 100,000 members of their organization.


[1] "A Letter to Our Beloved Sons" "H3O Art of Life Blog" By Reverend Dr. D. Darrell Griffin

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