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Hired Before Graduation

By Jamelia Hand MHS CADC CODP

CEO Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC.

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University

Imagine your child working diligently for four years - getting good grades, volunteering, and participating in internships. Those four years of tenacity culminate in a well-earned graduation. As you watch your child/ grandchild(ren) walk across the stage, your heart swells with pride, and that moment of tossing their graduation cap into the air is pure exhilaration. Parties, cards, cash, and other gifts follow- creating a joyful high. Yet, soon after, your child/grandchild(ren) are back home, under their parents’ roof - curfew included🙄.

As they recover and rest for a few weeks, the reality of life after graduation begins to set in. They reach out to old contacts as you begin networking on their behalf, trying to land interviews.  With every passing  week, the initial momentum begins to wane . The future, once so clear and hopeful, starts to blur. The celebration funds deplete and the student loan provider starts knocking on the door. And- oh yeah- there’s no student loan forgiveness here… 🥹

The high of graduation abruptly descends into anxiety and worry. Our children are plunging from the heights of joy to the depths of despair- all within a few short months.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Pleas join my son and I on our year-long journey towards #HiredBeforeGraduation. I will share our story on this Facebook page and provide practical tips, tricks, and tools that can make the difference between worry and success. The ideal audience? Parents of college juniors and seniors who want to prepare their children to hit the ground running post-graduation.

Our mission is to alleviate the uncertainty and potential anxiety; that many recent graduates experience, by  helping them to secure employment before they graduate.Thus, we can ensure a smoother transition from student life to the working world. So, if you have a college student who is preparing to step into the "real world", follow our journey. Let’s ensure that our young adults are empowered, prepared, and #HiredBeforeGraduation.

I’ll keep you posted on our activities over the next year. My first step was to help him set a very intentional mindset this summer. Next up is business planning. We will both do our parts and follow our plan over the next year. 

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