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Historical Amnesia, Falsified Consciousness, and the Illusion of Inclusion, Part Two

By Gimbu Kali

Presented by Omni-University

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like a tree without roots." [Ancestor] The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

We begin Part Two of "Historical Amnesia, Falsified Consciousness and the Illusion of Inclusion" by reiterating the assertions that were made in Part One, i.e., "The effects of the prolonged psychological assault, from which Black people in America suffer, are evidenced by the facts that:

  • We believe we are someone other than who we are;

  • We have forgotten our true identity, i.e., who we are/ have been.

"Falsifying Consciousness " is the process of persuading oppressed people to buy into the roles their oppressors want/need them to assume in order that their oppression can be established and maintained. Any role is permissible as long as it originates in- and is sanctioned by- the "System". For example, it is not the prerogative of our brothers to cast themselves in the roles of "pimps", "players", "ballers", "thugs", "gangstas", or "Real Niggas", etc., etc., etc. It really doesn't matter whether they are called "Detroit Red"[1], on the one hand, or "George"[2] on the other, because all of those roles are in compliance with, and are supportive of, the "status quo ".

The same is true for our sisters. It is not by their own initiative that they are too often called "mad black women" or other despicable names that are too filthy to be repeated here (or anywhere else). Again, it doesn't matter in what role they are stereotype-cast- whether it be "Leticia Musgrove"[3] or "Julia"[4]- all of those roles are intended to serve the same purpose ,i.e., to re-create us in the images that are consistent with their programming. As with Black males, Black females can "choose" any role on the "approved role list". But, as long as we allow ourselves to be confined to the roles and scripted behavior patterns assigned to us, we will forever remain subject to "Conceptual Incarceration ", i.e., the unwitting adoption of erroneous concepts, ideas, views, opinions and theories about ourselves as Afrikan people, about Europeans, and about the world).[5]

Much of the psychological turmoil from which we suffer comes from an "Instruction of Containment" - an "education" designed to disconnect Afrikan people from our history, culture, values, traditions, etc. This also requires dictating the nature of male-female relations and child-rearing practices to suit the needs and interests of the oppressor class, rather than those of the oppressed.[6] The latter are "free" to think and do whatever they want, as long as it is within the psycho-social agenda of the powers-that-be.

Ancestor Dr. Amos N.Wilson asserts:

"Under White supremacy, Blacks are socialized and conditioned from conception to serve the will of dominant whites. They are positively reinforced for conforming to the social roles assigned them. They are made to suffer if they do not conform. Thus is the collective Black personality transformed and shaped to meet the demands of White supremacy"(7).

Colin Kaepernick is being penalized- not only for "taking a knee" during the National Anthem- but also for non- conformity, i.e., for "flipping the script".

The "Illusion of Inclusion" seeks to make Black people think that we are American citizens of equal rank to other American citizens and who are, therefore, entitled to all of the rights and privileges to which any other Americans have rights -including equal protection under the law. Yet, White Americans have the RIGHT to VOTE while Black Americans have "voting rights" (which are currently under attack in forty-three states -and counting).And,if Black lives really "mattered", there would be no need for a "Black Lives Matter " Movement in the first place. They keep telling us that we are Americans, but they keep showing us that we are someone other than who we think we are. Despite the fact that Black people are - and have been- physically, psychologically, socially and economically, abused ; despite the fact that all of us have been- and our children are still being- subjected to a process of mis-education which seems to be designed to keep us "in our place(s)" on the bottom of this society[8]; and, despite the fact that a law enforcement officer "took a knee" to the neck of unarmed Black America-- We still believe in "a dream that is deeply rooted in the American Dream"...[9]: Massa, We sick???

(Part Three, To be Announced)

We invite you to view "A Gathering of Griots: From Human Rights to Civil Rights, Part Two", an episode of the H3O Art of Life Show, Featuring Kwabena James Childs; Dr. Maisha Hamilton; Prof. Hunter Havlin Adams III and J'nelle Lavigne. We appreciate your support and welcome all of the friends, acquaintances and the family members whom you refer to our site.

Asante sana,

Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Creator, The H3O Art of Life Blog

Host and Producer, The H3O Art of Life Show

Founder of Omni-U Virtual University


[1] "Detroit Red" - the name by which Malcolm X was known before his conversion to Islam.

[2] "10,000 Black Men Named George" a film about [Ancestor] A. Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

[3] The role for which Halle Berry received the "Best Actress in a Leading Role" Academy Award for "Monster's Ball ".

[4] The role played by [Ancestor] Diahann Carol in the Sitcom of the same name.

[5] Dwt: A Tool for Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery" by Uhuru Hotep

[6] "Dwt*: A Tool for Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery" by Uhuru Hotep

[7] Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economical Imperative for the Twenty-first Century by Ancestor Dr. Amos N. Wilson

[8] "Home is a Dirty Street: The Social Oppression of Black Children" by Useni Eugene Perkins

[9] "I Have a Dream" Speech by Ancestor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

*Dwt- A Kemetic (aka ancient Egyptian) term for dusk and dawn, which is the period between the rising and the setting of the sun thought to usher in changes in consciousness. (Nobles, 1990)

Suggested Reading

"Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery" by Ancestor Dr. Na'im Akbar

"The Falsification of African Consciousness" by [Ancestor] Amos N. Wilson

"Know Thyself" by [Ancestor] Na'im Akbar

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