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In Sickness or in Health?: "The Knowledge We Need"[1] Part Two

By Dr. Josef Ben Levi 

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University 

Black men are particularly susceptible to prostate cancer. Part of the reason  that Black men die at higher rates from prostate cancer is due to diet, environmental factors, emotional distress, and “medical  mistrust,” i.e. the idea that Black men, and Black people in general, do not have a high level of confidence in the medical profession. This mat be due to the long history in this country of medical experimentation on Black bodies that are supported by the consequences of MediSins.  Prostate cancer is not an equal opportunity disease.[11]

Black men in the United States have substantially higher prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates than the general population. They are also more likely to be diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease—which is typically treated with surgery and radiation therapy. Yet, Black men are less likely than white patients to seek treatment, and when they do, their doctors are more likely to recommend a watch-and-wait approach over surgery or radiation therapy, according to recent research. [21]

There are two ways of screening for prostate cancer: (1) Digital rectal exam (DRE) is performed by the physician to determine if there are changes in the prostate. The DRE is done to determine if the cancer has spread outside the prostate by checking for “nodules” or lumps on the prostate. [2] a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test looks for elevated levels of PSA, which can indicate prostate cancer. However, many other things can affect the PSA level. PSA is a protein produced by normal, as well as malignant, cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in a man’s blood.

However, the authors suggest that occasionally the PSA test is not an adequate basis for determining treatment. Sometimes the best treatment for prostate cancer is no treatment at all. The reality is that a number of factors need to be considered before treatment options are selected, and treatment itself may cause complications, such as urinary incontinence or impotence.

An elevated PSA test does not automatically mean that cancer is present. Like the digital rectal exam (DRE), a PSA test can erroneously indicate prostate cancer and fail to detect it. So, while the screening may lead to earlier diagnosis, it can also lead to treatment of cancers that don’t need to be treated, because of very slow growth. And despite more than 10 years ‘experience with PSA screening, there have been few controlled studies on whether PSA testing reduces the prostate cancer death rate.

Nonetheless, to preserve good prostate health, a diet rich in Zinc & Selenium, fruits, and vegetables, staying away from white sugar and flour and processed meats will have a positive impact on prostate health. [13]

Plastics in our veins and the real cause of Cardiovascular-Disease

In this section, we look at one of the causes of cardiovascular disease that leads to heart attacks.

“At the turn of the century a criminal process was discovered that uses heat in the presence of hydrogen and certain metal catalysts to convert natural liquid vegetable oils into solid fats. This physical change occurs because unsaturated bonds become saturated (fully hydrogenated) and others are converted from their natural origin (fatty acids) to an unnatural (trans fatty acids) position, creating straight molecules that pack together more solidly. None of these molecules have ever been encountered in nature. This process called hydrogenation was rapidly commercialized to create vegetable shortening, containing 30% to 40% trans fatty acids at a cost lower than that of palm, coconut, or animal fats.” (20)

Much of the success of refined hydrogenated oils is due to the economic appeal of their longer shelf life and decreased expense, compared with other fats. However, products containing hydrogenating oils, especially margarine, have been heavily promoted on the basis of health claims. Such claims have never been substantiated and concerns have been expressed regarding possible adverse health effects of hydrogenated oils.(15)

Have you ever wondered why that clear plastic bottle of oil sitting on most grocery store shelves has no smell or color at all?

By the end of WWII, flaxseed oil, one of the more nutritious oils, had virtually disappeared from the market. Flax oil spoils quickly due to its high content of both essential fatty acids (EFA): Linoleic Acid (LA) and Alpha-Linolenic Acid (LNA). These fatty acids are needed every day because our bodies cannot produce them. We must obtain them from the foods we eat. (18)

Their tendency to disperse surface activity gives biological systems the power to carry substances, such as toxins, to the surface of the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys, and lungs, where these substances can be eliminated. EFA allows the one-way movement of electrons and energy to take place between molecules. The chemical reaction, on which life depends, requires this one-way movement.

Overall, EFA are involved with producing life energy in our body from food substances and moving that energy throughout our systems. LA and LNA appear to hold oxygen in our cell membranes, where the oxygen acts as a barrier to viruses, fungi, bacteria and other foreign organisms that cannot thrive in their presence. LNA produces smooth, silky skin, increases stamina, speeds healing, increases vitality and brings a feeling of calmness. LNA reduces inflammation, water retention, platelet stickiness and blood pressure. It also inhibits the growth of tumors. LNA enhances some immune functions, reduces pain and swelling of arthritis, and completely reverses premenstrual syndrome in some cases. LNA kills malaria (in animal studies) and has been used successfully to treat bacterial infections. In short, EFA governs every life process in our body. Life without them is impossible. When our foods are AFA-deficient, we can expect a range of health problems.


‘MediSins” is a powerful antidote to the survival on the life-force that is in all of us. While there are many levels to this book and this article cannot cover all of them, the brief introduction above should encourage you to consider its message. While the medical and pharmaceutical industry have argued specific causes of many diseases that plague society are left to speculators and spin-doctors, the writers of MediSins have clearly stated that fundamental to all of our illnesses are the chemical poisons, pollutions, and other forms of anti-life and demonic technology that plagues humanity. “MediSin” is any food, liquid, or substance that alters the state of the body’s natural chemistry. In other words, because of greed in the pharmaceutical and corporate industries with the support of certain government agencies such as, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


(1)Dr. Scott Whitaker is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor with over 15 years experience in herbology, iridology, homeopathy, natural healing, and detoxification. He received his undergraduate degree from the university of California, Berkeley in civil engineering, his Master of Business Management from the Keller Graduate in School of Management in St. Louis, Missouri, and his Doctorate of Naturopathy from the International School of Naturopathy in Los Altos, California. He is also a Certified Natural Health Professional and Iridologist.

Jose Fleming is a Ph.D. in Health and Nutritional Science, and trained in the area of orthomolecular medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbology, adjuvant nutrition and bio-identical hormone therapy. He is also a researcher and a 25 year veteran in the Natural Product Industry.

(2)MediSin; The Causes & Solutions to Disease, Malnutrition and the Medical Sins That Are Killing the World.Divine Protection Publishing.

Recommended Viewing: 

“The Art of Healing” Featuring: Dr. Lemont Freeman

Recommended Reading: 

MediSin; The Causes & Solutions to Disease, Malnutrition and the Medical Sins That Are Killing the World.Divine Protection Publishing 

Dr. Llaila O. Afrika. African Holistic Health 

–Nutricide: The Nutritional Destruction of the Black Race 


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