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No Fights, No Rights: Corporations Vs Citizens

By Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Presented by Omni-University

When it comes down to Civil Rights and their predecessor, Human Rights, it appears that there are no rights that are sacred where corporations are concerned. And no matter how often battles over Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Justice are waged, apparent victories  can neither be taken for granted nor "dis- remembered" Nor is it wise to conclude that, because a single battle is " won", that the war is over. A house-fire cannot be extinguished merely by smoldering the blaze in one of its rooms.

During the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, The Rev. Dr. Martin. Luther King, Jr. observed that America was a burning house. He raised the question of whether or not, it was wise for our us to integrate into it. Since the fight for Civil Rights continues to this very day, the decision seems to have made itself: we are going to keep marching on "Til victory is won." 

An H3O Art of Life Show, featuring Liane Casten and Beverly Walter, Co-Chairs of CAPOW, Citizens Against the Privatization of Water, provides some insight into  the struggles over the safety and security of water and food that have been, are being, or should be fought -  battles which are yet to be won. While not everyone should or can be on the front lines, all of us can buttress our First Responders by "Acting from home",i.e., by advocating, educating, donating, and/or disseminating this and other reliable forms of information.  

OmniU presents The H3O Art of Life Show , "Citizen Activists" Featuring Liane Casten and Beverly Walter, Co-Chairs, Citizens Against the Privatization of Water.

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