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"Our Daily Blog" #28

Omni-U Faculty Mail

Our Faculty members often share thoughts about their fellow Faculty members writings. Whenever possible, we'd like to share those responses with you. Below is a response from Omni-U Faculty member Wayne Sebamurti Gentry, to "Our Daily Blog" #23 entitled "We Can't Breathe" written by Omni-U Faculty member Heru KhepeRa.

"Our Daily Blog" #23," We Can't Breathe...", is a masterfully written testament of our historical attempts to breathe under the throes of the "Maafa". Our long African history is, I feel, best studied in the sequence of "Maat", "Maafa" and "Sankofa". "Maat", of course, covers the time in African history when we built great civilizations and erected sacred megalithic edifices as honorable monuments to the Almighty. Prosperity, wellness, and peace reigned for over three thousand years! Then came the "Maafa".

Brother Heru KheperRa has done an excellent job outlining, in fine detail and with poetic expression, the context within which the horrific acts of the Maafa took place--from the times of our capture and enslavement-- right into 2020!  We are still in the midst of, as he so rightfully points out, the "Maafa"- era of the historical triad of "Maat", "Maafa" and "Sankofa". We have yet to fully enter the "Sankofa" era, where we rediscover, reclaim and reassert our African greatness, through a process of re-Africanization, which would allow us to once again build great nations comparable to those of African antiquity.

Again, he is right to point out how our attempts to breathe, as born-again Africans- have been under continued assault from 1444-2020. Most scholars would even argue that we've been under assault for the past 2,000 years! Nevertheless, much commendation is to be given to brother Heru, Dr. Ben Levi, Dr. Jefferies, as well as others, yourself included, Gurunana, for your unwavering commitment to educating our people about our history, culture, and spirituality. I enjoyed reading his message.

Wayne Sebamurti Gentry

Click here to read "Our Daily Blog" #23 "We Can't Breathe" By Heru KhepeRa

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1 Comment

Euneva Acker
Jun 18, 2020

Powerful but accurate history of the struggle of a resilient group of people.


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