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"Our Daily Blog"#29

"From Human Rights to Civil Rights"

"Children, I talks to God and God talks to me. I goes out and talks to God in de fields and in de woods. This morning, I was walking out and I got over de fence. I saw the wheat hold up its head looking very bare and looking very dead. I goes up and takes ahold of it. Can you believe it? There wasn't any wheat 'dere! I said, " God, What ails dis wheat? And he says to me, "Sojourner, There's a little weevil* in it. "Now, I heard talk about dis Constitution and the rights of man. I comes up and takes a hold of this Constitution. It looks mighty big. And I feels for my rights but, their ain't any dere. Then I says, "God! What ails dis Constitution?" He says to me, Sojourner, There's a little weevil* in it. "Sojourner Truth 1797-1883

Note: Weevil- A weevil is a beetle. The "boll weevil" is a weevil that feeds on cotton buds and flowers...[by] the late 19th century, it had infested all U.S. cotton-growing areas...devastating the industry... in the American south. "A Gathering of Griots: From Human Rights to Civil Rights" Part 2. Featuring: Dr. Evonne Blakey; Dr. Maisha Bennett; Atty. Jack Childs; Hunter Havlin Adams III; and Janelle La Vigne.

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