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"Our Daily Blog" #30

"Once Upon a Way-Back Time"

Greetings Family,

We, the Faculty of Omni-U's Virtual University, recognize that there are many sources vying for your attention. So, in deference to your busy schedule, we have decided to offer you a greater variety in our scheduling and programming. We will be updating our blog name as well as reducing the frequency at which the blogs will be posted. Please enjoy our H30/ Art of Life TV Show, "Once Upon a Way-Back Time" Featuring: Tejumola "Teju" Ologboni, "The Dressed-up Lie and the Naked Truth: We Were Never Slaves"; Gwendolyn Hillary; Andrea Fain; D. Kucha Brownlee; Tony Brown; Oscar Brown Jr.; Judith Heineman; and, Music by Ancestor Ellen Samuels and Marjorie Stroud.

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