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Reflections on the Life of a Brother: Lawrence E. Kennon

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

By Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Presented By Omni University

"Determination" by Ancestor Dr. John Henrik Clarke

I am old. I am older than the Pyramids. I am older than the race That oppresses me. I will outlive oppression.  I will outlive  oppressors. I am grateful that the message that Atty. Lawrence E. Kennon joined the Ancestors on, September 12, 2020, can be shared with an attitude of gratitude for a life well lived on the human rights side of history. As I reflect on the life of our brother, I realize that it has taken me more than the sixty( 60) years of our friendship to begin to recognize who and what he represents- not only  to me- but to all of us. While I do not know all of what it took for Larry Kennon to decide to commit himself to the cause of liberty and justice for Black and other oppressed people, I do know that is what he continued to do.

We met on the West side of Chicago where "plantation politics" and "organized crime" held sway thus, suffocating the lives of those of us whose desire it was to serve our community. Yet, despite the opposition and the odds, Attorney Kennon persevered in his efforts, both inside and outside "the establishment", not only as a Cook County States Attorney, but also as a Mentor to young lawyers and as a prominent member of the Chicago League of Negro Voters. To improve the welfare and advance the interests of the Black community in Chicago was always his goal. When, at the age of 80, "The Committee to Defend The Bill of Rights" paid tribute to him, the program noted that he was being honored for his "lifetime of protecting civil rights...". However, like our brother, "Malcolm X", his was a greater call- a call to struggle for "human rights", i.e., the right to be and be treated as the human beings we are. 

As observed, during his interview on the "H3O Art of Life" television show (which is included in this blog via YouTube), "Wherever there was a worthy cause, Larry Kennon could be found [supporting it]." 

He was, indeed, a treasure to those who knew him in whatever the relationship: as a friend, a colleague, a partner, a neighbor, an acquaintance, a family member, or a brother- even to those who only knew "of him". 

To all of us, he was a kinsman who like Conrad, Harriet, Ida, Malcolm, Mandela, Margaret, Martin, Paul, and legions of others, dedicated their lives to our cause. And, like the Ancestors he has joined, he never "retired" from his calling. In fact as I write, I can picture  him on his way to a Family Reunion meeting with all of them, including: Ancestors Patricia Hill, "Gus" Savage, Harold Washington, James Walton, Lemuel Bentley, Lucy Jean Lewis, Al Janney....The roster is endless and still growing as other family members and friends join the  gathering. 

Rest in Victory, Brother Larry. A Luta Continua, the struggle continues. "We will outlive oppression."

Please watch "'NJustice  for All" featuring: Ancestor Attorney Lawrence E. Kennon, Ancestor Patricia Hill, and Sebamurti Wayne Gentry.

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