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By Debra Hand

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University

Greetings Family,

Today's H3O Art of Life Blog, "WE THE PEOPLE!", an audio/video narration of the text-on-canvas artwork created by Museum- collected Artist, Debra Hand, SPEAKS profoundly for Us, to Us, and to the rest of humanity! This work of art, created by Artist Debra Hand, was recently exhibited at the Peoria Riverfront Museum in conjunction with the "American Verses" Exhibit which featured work by renowned artist Ancestor Terry Adkins; as well as the iconic Black artists Mark Bradford; and, Kerry James Marshall. The show was curated by the Museum's Chief Curator, Bill Conger.

We invite you view and hear this unique presentation:

As always, we welcome your comments and appreciate your support as you continue to share our content with your family and friends by whatever means are available to you.

Thank you.

Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Creator, The H3O Art of Life Blog

Host and Producer, The H3O Art of Life Show

Founder,Omni-U Virtual University

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