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What Should We Say to our Beloved Black Sons?

By Dr. Heru Kheper Ra /Kevin Bullard

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University

Dr. Heru Kheper Ra /Kevin Bullard

*In gratitude, honor, acknowledgement, and respect to Dr. Margaret Burroughs’ (1963), “What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?...”

As is written in the ancient wisdom from the Shabaka Stone, otherwise known as the Memphite Theology(c.710 BCE):

 “Sight, hearing, breathing all report to the heart and it makes every understanding come forth. As to the tongue, it repeats what the heart [has] devised.”

 “What Should We Say to Our Beloved Black Sons?” Should the message be inspirational or expectational? Should this message be communicated from our heads or centered in our hearts? Can the sacred instructions from our cultural past still be transmitted from the fundamental agency of today’s historical yesterdays?

John 1:1(NIV)professes that the sacredness of the Word was with God and the Word is God. Thusly, let me choose the vibration of my words with cultural guidance and measured wisdom. This will serve as a starting point for a conversation regarding  cultural self-determination entering the 2024 new year.

We must first teach them that intelligence resides- not only in the thoughts of their minds- but in  their hearts . Our ancestral literature affirms  that, after our earthly journey ends, our celestial journey begins.  It is  with Spirit ,first, that everything exists. And, with Spirit, it is the action of the heart/mind- not the singularity of the mind-that is judged against MAAT. Our Enlightened ancestors instruct us that spiritual essence resides within our heart/minds and corresponding actions determine our eternal destiny. We must impress upon our Black Sons /Suns that their manifested actions matter not solely to  this world. More importantly, they are inextricably bound to their infinite divinity. 

We should tell our precious Black Sons/ Suns that, as descendants of those who chose to endure the Maafa,  the trauma of their epigenetics still vibrates within their/our DNA. The anger, anguish and animus of that separation, loss, and despair still exists within us. This scar tissue gives us the strength of their survival together with the toxic residue  from our Ancestors’ experience . Thus, embedded in the cultural  DNA of our Sons/ Suns, is  the pptential for self-destructive anger, rage and bitterness.This ,in turn,affects their “being-ness” as either a divine spirit or tortured soul. 

So, Beloved Black Sons /Suns, a wounded mind and broken spirit are part and parcel of fulfilling the heart’s  ascension and becoming Divine.

In Proverbs 23:7(NIV), it is written that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so does he become .” Yes, Black Sons /Suns, you are the embodiment of the most beautyful ones who long-awaited to be reborn. You are the long-anticipated rebirth of greatness, carrying the energy of the past sons /suns of lions, warriors, leaders, and thinkers who have shaped our Worlds. 

The Carriers of our genetic thermodynamic spirit were neither created nor destroyed, but were transported across realms, eras, empires, houses, dynasties, and eternities of sacred Black Spaces. Delve into the depths of self-discovery and claim your true identity as a descendant of the First World People, a people who revered their Blackness as a divine blessing. A people whose knowledge of time and space was binary, whose sense of Self was Black and  Divine. They knew that the blackness of their skin-  not as a curse- but as a blessing and  protection. They viewed themselves as a “People of the Sun” that embodied the full spectrum of all of humanity's radiation and prisms in colors. They knew that, in fact, royalty is  in their blood and flows through their veins as well their as sun-cuticle consciousness in twists, knots, kinks, and locs holding the Akashic vibrations that store deep identity, cultural memory, and a legacy of traditional “Black Excellence.”

As young future Kings, the ritual of discipline and rites of passage  are necessary to prepare you to wear the crown. Embrace discipline and guidance that is not rooted in punishment,but in tough love and shared experiences. Discipline guided by Love is necessary for everyone, including our Black Sons /Suns. Know that your mind and spirit are interconnected and that nurturing both is essential for your growth and fulfillment. Even in our moments of exhaustion or frustration, know that you are us and we are you. It is Our obligation to acknowledge and admit our failures as guardians and protectors and strive to create a world that uplifts and empowers you. 

In conclusion, I reaffirm that,as it was in the beginning, so shall it be . You are the embodiment of greatness, resilience, and wisdom. Embrace the power that lies within you and let it guide you towards your divine destiny. In the end, it is your thoughts, words, and actions that will lead you to your divine destiny. 

Embrace the richness of your cultural heritage and the legacy of "Black Excellence" that flows through your veins!!

Study ThySelf!!! 

Rediscover  ThySelf!!!

Claim ThySelf!!!

Return and Restore ThySelf!! 

Know ThySelf

Embrace that the journey begins and ends with the power of our thoughts, words, and actions. As the wisdom of the Shabaka Stone affirms Black Sons /Suns,  our heart/minds guide us to our divine destiny.

Rise up,  Black Sons /Suns, and realize the immense power and potential that lies within you

Recommended Viewing: 

 “What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?...” Read by Dr. Margaret Taylor Goss Burroughs 

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