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Who Am I doing Here?

By Dr.Gloria Latimore-Peace

Presented by Omni-U Virtual University

Dr. Gloria Latimore-Peace

Know ye that the Lord He is God, It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves

Psalm 100:3 KJV

At some time on your earthly sojourn, you are likely to have asked yourself- in reference  to where you are at a particular point in "your" life"- What am I doing here?" or "Why am I here?" It is also quite probable that you, too, have gone in search of your "purpose" in order that you might, as was the goal of Ancestor Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. "do God's will." Like many others, you may have sought the answer to the question of your "purpose" by enlisting "Life" coaches, reading well advertised self-help books, or attending self-help seminars presided over by expert motivational speakers who are committed to their own "purpose" of making a living by serving as your tour guide.

It is interesting to observe that so many of us seem to be convinced that the vital answers to Life's essential questions have not been provided to I and I [1]. However, for those of us who believe that we did  not "make ourselves," it should follow  that the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Magnificent One "that hath made us" knew our purpose before we were formed in our Mothers' womb. Thus, it follows that this knowledge is available to Us. However, we must resist the temptation to lean too heavily "on our own understanding" but to accept the admonition to "get wisdom." Thus, it is to our Source that we must hearken if our living is not to be "in vain," i.e., purpose-less.

There are even more critical questions associated with the pursuit of purpose. A principal one most certainly revolves around the question of identity, ie., exactly "who" is seeking to know what he/is doing- or ought to be doing- here.

Because we take it for granted that we  know who we are, we tend not to ask ourselves the foundational questions  posed by our ancient Ancestors as they embarked upon the "Way of Life," their culture:

Who Are We? 

From whence did we come? 

What is Our purpose?

Where are we now?

What is our destiny?

Notice that the subject of their questions was We- I and I- not the individual,ego "I".


According to the African Way of looking at the world, "I am because we are and because we are, therefore I am."[2] It is from this Ancestral worldview that we examine this subject. Since the "who" whom we are addressing herein is Us, the questions apply to Us as a people, i.e.," Who Are I and I doing here?"; What is Our purpose?  It is incumbent upon us to seek the Wisdom of our Ancestors; to do as we have been told, to "Know Thyself. " 

I am persuaded that the "Self" to whom the Ancients referred - the True " Self- is not the same as the personality who has been socialized to "see" a separate "self"- one who is defined by mental and and physical attributes as well as an endless stream of roles, jobs, careers and pursuits, etc. To say that you are "self- made" is not only an oxymoron, it may also be considered blasphemy since God is no respecter of persons (or personalities). The would-be- clever quip to "do you" defies reason in the context of this discussion. Who is the "you" that you do when you do your free-willing "you"? And,what good comes from doing the "you" that the false version of "you" imagines itself to be?

To "Know Thyself," is to know that I and I are not our body. As precious as it is, the human body serves primarily as a vehicle-a vessel- to embody the "Life" with which we are endowed by Our Maker. Forms are transient; Life is everlasting; Birth and death are inherent in the cycle of Life. 

As we return to the question-"Who Am I doing here?"- we rename the interrogative with a declarative statement. It is our conviction  that it is "Who I AM doing here" that matters; that discovering our true Self requires that our consciousness transcend the level of the question. We must go beyond belief "to know." 

We are commanded to "Be Still and Know." to listen for that "still small voice" within. It is apparent that Life is not limited to "doing" somebody, it's obviously about "Being" who we were designed to  Be- the "image and likeness" of God here "in Earth"... Thus, Life is not about doing "you" but about obeying  God's Will that it be done through Us. Prayerfully this is our "purpose and our goal". 

Amen Ra Hotep


[1] I and I is an expression to totalize the concept of Oneness. God is within all  and we are One people. 

[2] Ancestor John S. Mbiti. African  Religion and Philosophy.

Recommended Listening:

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 Performed by Wayne Sebamurti Gentry and Kamilah Auset Donna Gentry.

"Day is almost night

I don't wanna to lose this fight

I've fooled around much too long

Now I've been 'laxed

But I don't want to look back, no, no

I know that I've done wrong

Yes, I have

Give me the strength I need

To be able to succeed

And I'll heed to your every command

And to everyone I'll show

My purpose and my goal

In you I'll be able to stand

O,Holy one

I never wanna let you down no more…

Never, Never, Never…"

"Sankofa" a Spoken Word Rap written and performed by Thomas DaVinci Gentry. 

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